NitroDesk becomes part of Symantec



We have wonderful news to share!!  NitroDesk is now a part of Symantec, the global leader in security infrastructure and device management, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share all of the wonderful assets Symantec has to offer. What does this mean to you, our wonderful customers?  Initially, the NitroDesk product experience will remain as it has been – we promise we’ll let you know once there is any product migration. Your NitroDesk support gurus are still here, and will continue to be available to you for any technical support questions you may have. TouchDown will remain a standalone app available through the app stores as it has been, with some Symantec rebranding. For Enterprise customers,Symantec will continue to offer TouchDown as part of the Symantec App Center Solution.

Why did Symantec acquire NitroDesk? Well, first, because we’re the best at what we do: protecting your mobile data. Since Symantec has assets in application management, device management, threat protection, data loss prevention and identity authentication, the NitroDesk piece fits in perfectly to Symantec’s workforce productivity offering. Think about all you’ll be able to do now that you have Symantec and NitroDesk on your side!

We are excited, and want you to be excited too. Please know it will be business as usual for a while, and watch our blog and Facebook page for updates – we’ll announce changes before they happen.  Feel free to follow us on Twitter @Nitrodesk and @SYMCMobility. For additional questions, you can see our acquisition FAQ at:

Click below for Symantec’s Blog post:

Click below to view the press release:



8 thoughts on “NitroDesk becomes part of Symantec

  1. Not sure getting the Symantec name tied to your product is “wonderful news” for anyone beyond your previous financial backers.

  2. As a paying user of Touchdown for a long time, and as someone that recommends Touchdown to everyone, and from someone that avoids Symantec products like the plague, I’m really not too happy about this…

  3. Great news people!! As far as I know you OEM Touchdown to other Symantec competitors such as Airwatch. Will Symantec competitors still use Touchdown in their MDM/MAM solution ?

    • Thank you! For now, Symantec has not announced any plans to change existing partnerships, and we’ve been told that NitroDesk customers will not see a change to their experience.

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